It’s Your Time for Self-Care

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I help empower women with strength, grace and confidence.
It’s your time for supportive self-care in fitness and nutrition.

Online Training

Get the training, accountability, healthy recipes and teamwork you need to eat healthy, get fit and feel great! Through my regular online training challenges and mentorships, I provide a customized program in a group setting that will help you  stay healthy and fit from wherever you are!

This group challenge includes a daily dose of exercise, nutrition and personal development that will put an end to yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits. Become the best version of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Live in Louisiana

Join me live in Shreveport, Louisiana for personal training, group exercise classes or health and fitness talks and seminars.

From my home to a variety of gyms around the city, I meet you where you’re at and tailor health and fitness programming to your personal needs.

Business Coaching

 Looking for Business Coaching and Mentorship?
Join Team Live Fit.

Who is Team Beachbody? We are a network of 400,000 independent coaches across the United States and Canada who are the CEOs of our own on-line fitness and nutritional businesses.

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About Me

Hey, there! I’m Jane ,
and I’m glad you’ve made it to my site.

Hi, welcome to my site!

Jane G. Westreich, CFT
Certified Fitness Trainer, ISSA
Owner – Brew City Wellness, Inc.
Certified Adventure Boot Camp Coach

Jane Westreich,BA, CFT – has been and continues to be a health and fitness enthusiast, competitive athlete, and coach. She has enjoyed, competed and coached in a variety of sports including tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball. Jane has also been involved with strength training and group fitness for over 20 years. She has worked in large health clubs, created corporate wellness programs, established kid’s boot camps and has owned her own personal training studio.


Personal Training

One year ago this week I sat in Libby’s kitchen and she changed my life! No more dieting ! Shakeology, exercising, and portion control has helped me reach my goals. 30 Pounds down, fit and healthier I feel fantastic! Thank you Libby for your encouragement and coaching! Happy, happy anniversary to me!!!


Online Challenge Groups

I love how you do this program because I can do the exercises several times throughout the day.  My body is really sore (in a good way), especially my legs. I love my Shakeology and the way I am feeling!

– Megon

I really enjoyed this challenge! I am learning more about what to eat and the importance of planning meals. The workouts have been tough but this on-line support is super for keeping the motivation in check. Accountability was one thing I was lacking until this challenge. Much thanks to you for doing this!!!  

– Evangeline

I have been on a weight loss journey for many years. After gaining and losing, storms of life coming and going,(divorce, cancer) I have finally learned many lessons from your challenge and working with you.  I have learned to love myself and accept myself for the creation God intended me to be.  I stopped judging myself and others.  I love deeper, and savor every moment God gives me.  And my health – for me this new journey with you Libby, is all about being healthier than I’ve ever been because I’ve been gifted with more time.  Oh sure, the outward appearance will improve too and that’s a definite plus!  But for me its all about feeling healthy again and being with my family as long as I possibly can.  So you keep doing what you do, Libby, Because we need you and our families need you to keep teaching and guiding us on how to practice a healthy lifestyle.  

– Kristi


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